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A dress


The “A” DRESS is one of those Things I Miss treasures that perfectly show all the dimensions of the Things I Miss essence and vision. It is simply passion. It is simply love. It is simply devotion. It is simply obsession. For organic sculptured stories. It calls you to creative action. And, of course, it offers you fluidity of usage. A magnitude of styles transcending seasons, moods and occasions. This is the attitude and the mood of our editions.

Play with the ways of wearing it, turn it around, wear it back to front or the other way around, make a knot or several knots, roll its left side up or roll its right side up, or roll up both sides if the dress offers you the option of folding the fabric into a mass. Or lift the dress up with buttons that are hidden inside the creation. Left side, right side, front or back. Use an underdress from fragile raw gauze. Put your arms through the top holes and create a unique narration of fragile fabric around your breasts and shoulders. Put your arms through the holes that are left. Or use the other underdress with only two armholes. Or don’t. Open your mind, embrace the creative process and enjoy every moment of it. Find a twine, wrap it around your waist, put it around your neck or pull it, and the mass of fabric will create an organic structure, a new form, a new story of your own Things I Miss “A” DRESS.  Or simply wear it with your favourite pair of organic jeans. And don’t forget one very important part of its existence: always dry and store it scrunched up to keep its wild structured form or create a new one, a unique narration.

 You can combine “A” DRESSES from different materials in a very unique and your own personal way. Layer them within each other and create a beautiful co-existence of different materials and colours, and layers and different lengths, and knots and structures, and other interesting results of your imagination.


Each Things I Miss creation is brought to life within conscious concepts and with vision, passionate creative process, patience, devotion and love towards the creative path and coexistence with beings that revive forms, give them life and meaning. Rhythm and movement. Oxygen and mission.

Less-waste concept / cut, created and brought to life with as little remains as possible; the remains are later used in new forms through various projects with other creators.

Modular concept / several pieces in one; perfect for everyone who leads a dynamic life and is full of creative force. You can wear them together or individually, creating different stories and structures every time. With knots or belts, by tying the straps, wearing them back to front or vice versa, or simply inside out.

Layering concept / enables you to step out of the confines of a season. Instead of a clear division of clothing according to seasons, you just layer them in tune with the outside world and your imagination. Your favourite Things I Miss pieces can be worn all year round.

This piece is a unique Things I Miss sculpture story. It is created from comfortable, smooth and soft Tencel fabric (eucalyptus fibre) and fine organic and GOTS certified cotton. Wash on the hand-wash cycle (30°C) with an eco-friendly detergent. Do not dry-clean, do not tumble-dry and do not iron. After washing, shake all its parts thoroughly and provide every layer with ‘oxygen’, then spread it out on the drying rack. Store our creations crumpled up in their storage bag to maintain their wildly structured shape. The initial sculptural form straightens out through wearing and begins to look different. When you feel it is time for it to return to its initial sculptural form, wash it, spread it out and let it dry. How you treat your creation is very important. You are the master of your piece. You are the creator of its wild character. These creations will preserve their interesting structures and storytelling only with proper care.

We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We usually need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order. Email us for details, your custom wishes or some other ideas and questions. We will get back to you with joy and a pleasure for new creative adventures.

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