Mindful story of design and art.
Unique holistic approach.

Sensory Coexistence of Body and Space.
Movement. Fluid Forms and Texture Narrations.

Things I Miss is a journey, an awareness-raising mission that, at the same time, offers uncompromising style and wildness as well as sensuality and passion. It is an instinctive world of bodies and forms, life and narration. A strong vision. Passion. Authenticity. A meaningful path with an awareness of causes and consequences. Design with a great deal of patience and a Conscious Concept.

We believe that the sensory co-existence of body and space, movement, fluid forms and texture narrations is an exciting story. An inspiration. We follow and advocate the sensory dimensions, sustainable flow and circular design as core of our existence here and now.

We believe in the sanctity of the creative processes and in the love that goes into creating every special piece, every special concept and every special form within interesting and unique organic sculptured stories – projects in different fields and narrations; from the art of a ‘second skin’, stage, architecture, gastronomy, exhibitions to the installations.

Things I Miss is an evolved tribe that stands for extraordinary style with conscious participation in life and against damaging people, plants, animals and our beautiful planet.

Our vision is strong and our path very conscious. We are involved in different movements and platforms with the mission to change the attitude towards fabrics and materials and consequently towards clothes and fashion and towards sensibility of living here and now. By signing the Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Circular Fashion Commitment along with 143 global brands, Things I Miss’s vision pledged to gradual change in the processes of creating and existing with the focus on the circular concept. The brand was recognized by the media as one of the top 10 sustainable brands in the world after it was presented at an online sustainable event in London in 2016.

Things I Miss content and vision was recognised also by the Wallpaper* magazine.

»Things I Miss is a story. A story about endless yearning for beauty. A story that swings, tangles and wraps around you like a cobweb. You can feel it in the morning when you take in the day with your first breath. You can feel it when you move around the room. You can feel it in your heart and in your thoughts.«

Sandra Bašič Hrvatin, assoc. prof. and scientific councilor, Faculty of Humanities

»A movement that invites to use all five senses to celebrate the beauty of humanity in it's raw form.
Movement, touch, poetry entertwined, narrate to remind us of what we love, what we are. In our core.
An everchanging story that brings together artiststic collaborations to explore new ways to describe a world of appreciation, and our passionate stance in co-creation of a better tomorrow.«

Eva Trapecar, visual artist

»Tina's creations are tissues of the sheerest wisps. The cloths and clothes, which she folds across people and spaces, are thin as gauze, yet emotionally substantial as architecture. Sometimes achromatic, and at other times threaded with a red 'lifeline', they come together as apparently fleeting yet primordial objects. There is something elementary about them. Something that exudes silence, calmness, a sense of reclamation.«

Maja Petrović-Šteger, anthropologist




»Deepest Gratitude for so much Beauty.«

Samiel Carolina, client

»Fabric, spread like butterfly wings, wraps around the body, dances its own expression of moving shapes that sublimely touch the skin, raises up into the skies like the wonderful Psyche, and spread its flames of comforting fire, started by American dancer Loie Fuller. A century later, her magical dance is reflected in the creations of Tina Princ, and for a moment it seems that these are the things we miss. But no, they are right here, and they envelop us with the attraction of threads, woven from nature,
like a mimesis of beauty and truth.«

Karin Košak Arzenšek, assist. prof., Faculty of Design

»interesting combinations…
simplicity with sophisticated intent…
puerility and femininity…
authenticity, strengthened by experience…
creativity and freedom….
A constant voyage and places, where you belong…where you vibrate…
but then again transcend elsewhere…being in yourself…
but also off-balance…fluidity as centrality …«

Anja Bornšek, dance artist, choreographer, BMC somatic educator, MA contemporary dance education

»Things I Miss
is my movement,
my dance and
the portal,
to meet life
in simple, honest,
innocent and
curious ways.«

Carolina Rodriguez Barros López, soul alchemist for the New Earth

»When I wear your dresses,
I feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.
The pieces are totally unique and the materials are
soft and enveloping to my body shape.
They can be worn and layered in different ways,
depending on personal style and seasons.
I love every piece!«

Liliana Becerra design & trend strategist, CMF design expert, author and professor

»Sliding through “thingsimiss”.
I emersed myself into the sensuality of the images.
It is a state of consciousness. It feels close to my heart.
Like reading a newly discovered poem in the early morning
while sipping some fragrant tea.«

Nika Hölcl Praper, photographer

Thank you and your special
touch for such a unique,
different and harmonious

Lea Omersa, customer

Things I Miss creations are very »hygge«.
They are a comfy and cosy cover that allows
you to be safe and at peace with yourself.
Wearing them, you can feel the moment in
time filled with softness and lightness
that you can take along with you wherever
you go and whatever you do.

Marta Macedoni Lukšič, paediatrician

Things I Miss.

I feel them in my HEART,

they FILL it.

I feel them going through my MIND,

they FREE it.

I feel them in my BODY

and it comes to LIFE.

Manica Čelofiga, Business intuition and storytelling coach

»Things I Miss is absolutely my style. I love the wild scrambled structure. I love all your details, the red seams, the inside-out wearability. The little “houses” in which the clothes live. I love the thousands of possible combinations. The little pieces of material that come with the clothes; I use them as a belt, a necklace, a scarf; anything. Even to just tie my hair back. So many details and so much love. Big hug, you are a real artist with a huge heart.«
Thank you Tina.

Barbara Zinstag, customer

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