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For all seasons and for a longer period of early childhood.

The cape is designed delicately, cut loosely and handcrafted with motherly love and affection. It can be worn for a longer period of early childhood and it offers complete natural protection in all seasons; in colder summer days over shirt, in the spring and autumn over a cardigan and in the winter over a jacket for double protection from cold. We sew one little Things I Miss button on the cape to connect the child with wool and wood together and to give the little one a tiny inspiration for play time.

It is created from boiled wool, a fibre with interesting characteristics. When wool is boiled, thousands of tiny air bubbles are trapped in the material. They form an entirely natural barrier against hot and cold temperatures, producing the unique, natural feeling of snugness of boiled wool clothing. At the same time, it allows the skin to breathe freely. As a purely natural product, boiled wool should be cleaned very gently. Lanolin, the natural wax in wool, envelops every single wool fibre, protecting it against dirt and harsh environments. This natural protection is what makes all woolen products so easy to care for.

For the wings of curiosity and playful play in all seasons and for many years!

Product name:
Elf’s little cape

Short description:
Unique outdoor clothing for all seasons and for a longer period of early childhood.

100 % wool, olive tree wood, vegetable inks.
If the cape attracts some small stains, you can just gently brush them off or shake them out. Any undesired odours that get caught in the cape can be removed by airing it out over night or hanging it in the bathroom when you take a shower. Because it is made from pure wool, which has amazing “self-cleaning” properties, it rarely needs washing. But if you feel it needs a good wash, use the hand-wash or cold-wash program (30°C) with an eco-friendly detergent. Do not dry-clean or tumble-dry. Try not to squeeze or rub the cape if you are hand-washing it, and do not leave it in the water for a long time. When the cape is ready to be dried, spread it flat on a towel to dry out. The olive wood button on the cape will change colour and reveal its true nature as time goes by. Nourish it with beeswax once a year.

One size / 1-5 years.

We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order.

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