Random cut. Hidden insides. Inner voice of the wood.

The potential of two forms together
There can be many different creative approaches to ‘cuffs’. But even more to ‘links’. And these two forms together can dance such a special dance of aesthetic, where one affects the other and together they create something special and unique. There are no words to explain the depth of passion we feel towards the potential of this dance and potential of wood hidden inside. Therefore we innovate all the time, we experiment, we dare, we go deeply in creative process, we try, we upgrade every experienced step, we turn many things upside down many times to find a desired narration and feeling. And the result is: unique pieces of Things I Miss cuff-links stories. Different every time. So alive every time. And every time inspired by a new piece of wood that is left behind after natural pruning of the trees.

‘Coincidence’ edition, pear tree wood beauties
We dare to create every cuff-link from one small piece of pear tree wood. We cut it into two parts and admire the hidden insides and the inner voice of the wood. Here, the story of ‘coincidence’ starts. The surface, formed by the random cut is a very strong wood story. A beautiful work of art by nature which we wouldn’t dare to touch or change. We keep it untouched and use that power for surface of our cuff-links. With ‘coincidence’ wood concept creation, we wish to bring raw, but powerful creation into your every day movement and mood. With all respect to every tree we follow the life-cycle of each cuff-link. From the tree to the beautiful new form, new life.

Every cuff-link is nourished with linseed oil and left to dry for a few days. During this time the lifelines of wood and it’s character become even more outstanding and beautiful. The cuff-links will change color and reveal their true nature as time goes by. Nourish them with linseed oil and leave to dry for a few days once a year.

From tree to a new life. From tree to you.
Every cuff-link is inspired by love of the rawness of life and narration. And every one is a piece of art. Wear them in pairs or combine different forms. Let yourself be inspired by its natural texture, its beautiful ‘one piece’ form, the little brass spot at the end of its neck, the smell of wood and pear tree wood color in coexistence with linseed oil. Our cuff-links are little treasures that enrich your image and bring content to your shirt. For men and women. For many occasions. From everyday life to evening pleasures. To bring you that final touch! Always!

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Two unique handmade cuff-links, made from one piece of wood left behind after natural pruning of trees. The coincidence concept creation brings to life hidden insides of the wood. Two lines: raw and finer.

Pear tree wood.
Nourish cuff-links with linseed oil and left to dry for a few days once a year.

Different sizes.

We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order.

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