Things I Miss is a journey, an awareness-raising mission that, at the same time, offers uncompromising style and wildness as well as sensuality and passion. It is an instinctive world of bodies and forms, life and narration. A strong vision. Passion. Authenticity. Design with a great deal of patience and a Conscious Concept.

We believe that the co-existence of body and space, movement, fluid forms and texture narations is an exciting story. An inspiration.

We believe in the sanctity of the creative processes and in the love that goes into creating every special piece, every special concept and every special form within interesting and unique organic sculptured stories – projects in different fields and narrations;¬†from the art of a ‘second skin’, stage, architecture, exhibitions to the installations.

The brand is an evolved tribe that stands for extraordinary style with conscious participation in life and against damaging people, plants, animals and our beautiful planet. The Things I Miss vision is to build business and creative relationships within different and unique sustainable projects. Consequently, we create unique forms of co- existence with different art narrations, exhibitions, selling pop-up events, creative tea times and other formats.

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