Installation-Exhibition Performance

A sensory, digital moment in space.

A moment in space. Intimacy. A journey with the narrative of a piano composition that guides us through a given space, time, and feelings. Through experience. Through digital performance, which, together with the music and character of the fabric, creates a unique narrative. Multi-layered. Touch. Inhale. Exhale. An audio-visual story is a metaphor for life; cocoon (womb) – butterfly (life) – calming (death). Cycle. Life. When it calms down, the cycle returns to the cocoon, to life, to calming down. And back to the womb, life, and death. The loop process allows space for experience. Space for a sensory moment in space together with the installation and performative narration of the Things I Miss concept, which repeatedly seeks and explores the coexistence of space, body, movement, sound, textures and fluid.

We follow the concept of ‘less is more’, the idea of circularity. All materials from the project are later reused and reshaped into a new life, with a new sense and new usability. With primal narration, the project embraces, depicts, narrates and raises awareness of the sentience and the details of (co)existence. We create a sensory experience of a sustainable and primal narrative. We create an installation-exhibition performance that excites, stimulates, and attracts attention in a unique way, with a unique approach, aimed at establishing a ‘stop and re-think’ moment.

Construct – Concept / Tina Princ; Body – Movement / Anja Bornšek; Hearing – Sound – Sounding / Sašo Vollmaier; Hearing – Sound – Sounding / Anja Bornšek; Look – Visual / Marijo Zupanov; Nika Hölcl Praper; Shift – Audiovisual, Digital / Vesna Krebs; Touch – Stimulus – Deconstruct / Things I Miss

Video about the project in space by Leo Gamboc and Hana Geder.

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