Our vision is strong and
our path very conscious.

Things I Miss is an instinctive world of bodies and forms. It is the rawness of life and narration. Storyful. Inspired by art. Sustainable in all aspects and dimensions. From the first sketch to the very last stitch. Our passion are materials with a potentially interesting form, the process it takes to discover that form and sustainable stories that is woven in them.

We follow innovative spirit with passion. Our essence is wild but elegant, primal and unique. And we are dedicated to changing fashion, to concepts and to the story of sustainability. Our vision is strong and our path very conscious. We will not offer collections. We create editions when inspiration is strong and deep enough. And we are honoured again and again to cooperate with different beings and stories within interesting projects.

We are actively involved in different movements, initiatives and platforms with a mission to change attitude towards clothes and fashion. By signing the Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Circular Fashion Commitment at Copenhagen Fashion Summit along with 142 global fashion brands, the brand pledged to a gradual change in the process of creating and to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system.

Tina Princ

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