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We can make your forgoten pieces valuable and forgoten stories alive again! In fresh forms and new usability.
Creative reuse. Transforming of old or new into fresh and valuable.

Some stories you overhear. Others you forget. But some stories, rare and special, you carry with you. And this piece carries old stories into the present time. Sweet memories. Interesting adventures. In fresh forms. Special. Valuable. Useful. This unique, handmade and sustainable creation is the result of a calm and gentle process, made with a passion for every detail. We create it from old or new pairs of jeans that we ripp apart and playfully recompose in combination with different organic fabrics. Everytime a little bit different, everytime uniqe and its own. And this time three in one – a coat, suit and skirt. Made for women who write their own stories. To be carried with you. For life.

If you have some old jeans stories at home, you can transform them into something special, fresh and valuable with our help. Just send us an email with your thoughts and wishes. We can give your forgotten pieces new value and breathe a fresh start in them!

The price and creation time varies depending on the form and fabric of custom made piece. Usually we need two to four weeks to finish and send the creation. We ship worldwide.

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