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Big enough. For many things. For many occasions. And in giant size.

Simply a bag. But a very big one. Big enough for all your valuables and all the extras you simply need. Multi-use and practical for many occasions. A unique piece, created from Fish Skin.

This wild, powerful and environmentally friendly leather offers us the exploration of beauty and storytelling with every single stitch and every single fish skin. Salmon, perch, wolfish and cod fish leather in a naturally diverse range of colours, textures and finishes. It is an exotic material, a by-product of food production and raw material that would not have otherwise been used. We do not dare to cut any of this unique fish forms, we compose and combine them into interesting bags and leave their wild and powerful story to live on in new form with very primal and organic look. The process of composing is very unique. The process of stitching is full of heritage. We coat every piece of flax thread with beeswax and connect skins with hand-sewn shoemaker principle of stitching.

You treat fish skin leather the same as regular leather. You dry clean it. You can use wet cloth and then dry it, if there is a stain. You put varnish on it. You try not to have it lying in windows  for long so the sun cannot dry out the color of it, just exact same as regular leather.

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A multi-use bag, practical for many occasions and big enough for many things.

Fish Skin


We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order.

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