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Three for one or each on its own. Modular clothing concept.

Three pieces. A very unique look. Many possibilities and many creative unpredictabilities. You can wear each one in combination with other clothing or together as a beautiful organic dress sculpture. It likes to keep you company during the day or become a beautiful part of your look in the evening. You will always feel the delicacy, finesse, sensitivity and fragility of this special fabric embracing your body and soul. It is incredible fabric! So special to create with, so special to wear it! If you treat it the right way, it will offer you wild, fine, delicate, but strong character with very special structures and forms. Different every time. You just have to store your gauze creation rolled in a cocoon or bound as pressed as possible.

Wash on the hand-wash cycle (30°C) with an eco-friendly detergent. When washed, do not shake all its parts thoroughly and do not provide every layer with ‘oxygen’. Do not dry-clean; do not tumble-dry; do not iron. Just leave it as crushed as possible on hanging stand, roll it in cocoon before it is almost dry and leave it like that till it is dry. Only with that treatment, our gauze creation will become as it has to be; wild, fine, delicate but with strong character and narration.

Product name:
Dress sculpture

Short description:
Very special creation made from crazy fabric. A modular clothing concept for many wearing possibilities, different occasions and unique looks.

Raw gauze. Water-based vegetable inks.

S, M, L, XL

We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order.

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