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Individually breathing creations. Personalized.
Four your soul. For your passion.

There are moments in life when we wish to embrace something special or that something special embrace us. And why this couldn't be a special piece of clothing? A creation made with passion and uncompromised devotion to sustainable and responsible living. A piece that is sculpt like it is a special story: slowly, carefully, lovingly. From the first sketch to the very last stitch. This 'two in one' (coat and over coat) clothing is the result of a calm and gentle process, made with a passion for every detail. We carefully selected all the materials. Lyocell, a revolutionary eco-friendly fibre of the future for lining. Seashell for buttons. And unique, very special 100% pure virgin wool for main parts of it. The wool is dyed, spun and woven by hand by the Islanders in their homes on the Islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra in the Outer Hebrides, an island chain of the west coast of mainland Scotland. We handmade every custom made piece with love and respect. Just for you. For your soul. For your passion.

The price and creation time varies depending on the form and fabric of custom made piece. Usually we need two to four weeks to finish and send the creation. We ship worldwide.

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