BIGBIKEBAG / rhabarberleder®

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Two in one. Backpack in a bag. Bag in a backpack. Unisex, of course. Fill it with stories too precious to leave behind.

Simply a bag. But a big one. Big enough for all your valuables and all the extras you simply need. Multi-use and practical for many occasions. The BigBikeBag is a bag and a backpack in one. Use it as a bag while going to a marketplace for your culinary delights and as a backpack on the bike ride back home.

This BigBikeBag is a special story of rhabarberleder®. A team of scientists have intensely focused for several years on the search for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chrome tanning. They tested several rhubarb genotypes for their suitability, optimized cultivation requirements and developed an innovative tanning extract. With this and without the addition of environmentally harmful chromium compounds, they can now produce vegetable-leather that meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability and versatility. This inspiring coexistence of vegetable and leather with soft and gentle feel and look took us on a journey of creating our BigBags.

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Two in one. Backpack in a bag. Bag in a backpack. A multi-use piece, practical for many occasions and big enough for many things.



We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order.

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