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Fluidity of usage. Combinations offer a magnitude of styles transcending seasons, moods and occasions.

Basics can be worn individually or in combinations. Materials and forms offer a magnitude of styles transcending seasons, moods and occasions. Basics are created from fine and soft organic cotton jersey and ever-changing organic raw gauze.

Basics are: Zero-waste line – cut, created and brought to life without waste. Modular line – five or six pieces in one – is perfect for everyone who leads a dynamic life and is full of creative force. You can wear them together or individually, creating different stories and structures every time. Layering line – enables you to step out of confines of a season. Instead of a clear division of clothing according to season, you just layer them in tune with the outside world and your imagination. Your favourite Things I Miss pieces can be worn all year round.

Giant tube scarf truly reflects our brand essence. It can be whatever you need it to be. A scarf, a blanket, a dress, a skirt. You can take it dancing or roll around your bed in it. It becomes a part of you and cuddles you through all seasons and all environments. It’s your second skin, a loving touch, a wild hat or a soft cocoon.

Store your gauze creation rolled in a cocoon or bound as pressed as possible to keep it’s wild, structured form.

Wash on the hand-wash cycle (30°C) with an eco-friendly detergent. When washed, do not shake all its parts thoroughly and do not provide every layer with ‘oxygen’. Do not dry-clean; do not tumble-dry; do not iron. Just leave it as crushed as possible on hanging stand, roll it in cocoon before it is almost dry and leave it like that till it is dry. Only with that treatment, your gauze creation will become as it has to be; wild, fine, delicate but with strong character and narration. Because our raw gauze pieces are hand dyed with natural colours, they have a tendency to fade. When that happens, please contact us and we will happily refresh your favourite piece.

Product name:
Giant Tube Scarf

Short description:
Fluidity of usage. Combinations with other raw gauze or jersey pieces offer a magnitude of styles transcending seasons, moods and occasions.

Organic, certificated raw gauze


We ship worldwide. Each one of our sustainable creations is a unique piece. We need a week, but sometimes also two or three to create and send an order.

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